frequently asked question

What does it take to become a member?

The EA Creator Network program is still in early testing, so there is limited availability for new admissions. However, when availability opens and new members are being accepted, we look at a wide range of factors for consideration. Our most successful Creators have these qualities:
Are often known and have positive reputations in the community.
Cannot be associated with any type of coin/key selling, gambling sites, or cheating that harms the community.
Have channels with a substantial community following.
They have unique voices, perspectives, and talents. We also embrace and support diversity in our community programs.
Must treat others with respect, fairness, civility and completely follow our guidelines.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the EA Creator Network?

Creators are invited to participate in exclusive Electronic Arts events and opportunities. Feedback from Creators is critical to the success of our games, so we offer opportunities like Beta Tests, Feedback Sessions, Exclusive Pre-release Access, Live Stream Events, Capture Sessions, Competitions, and so much more. You'll have access to assets and resources that will help you with generating engaging content and building your channel.
Most importantly, as an EA Creator Network Member, you have the opportunity to influence how we make our games. We are committed to building our relationships with Creators to provide a platform for our members to shape our work.

How does the EA Creator Network work?

Once accepted, Creators gain access to the EA Creator Network community which presents various content, feedback, and event opportunities for our games throughout the year. These opportunities can be for exclusive content capture, content sponsorship or for contributing feedback and guidance during a game’s development.

I'm ready to join, how can I get in?

You can request to become a member of the EA Creator Network by clicking here and filling in your information to be reviewed by the EA Creator Network team. If chosen, you’ll receive an email inviting you to join the Network.

What kind of opportunities are available for content creators?

Opportunities for Creators can vary. You may be invited to participate in the following types of activities for your various social channels:
Events (Feedback, Capture, Competitive, Live Streams)
Sponsored content and Channel Partnerships
Asset Creation such as capturing Screenshots, Video creation, producing Tips & Tricks
And more

As an EA Creator Network member, how do I sign up for opportunities?

When opportunities are available, you will receive an email notification of the opportunity or you can log into EA Creator Network to see what opportunities are currently available. If there are opportunities you are interested in participating in, you can accept the invitation.

Are EA Creator Network members exclusive to Electronic Arts games only?

Not at all. Creators can partner with any Game Publisher or Studio outside of the Electronic Arts that they wish. We actively encourage our creators to diversify their content and channels throughout the Games Industry. We want to be great partners for our creators.
However, our members do sign Non-Disclosure Agreements and are generally not allowed to discuss unreleased or embargoed information with other game companies or the public. Likewise, we expect our Creators to maintain the confidentiality of their other relationships as well. Acting with integrity and honesty is important to us.

As an EA Creator Network member, can I participate in multiple games?

Absolutely! We have amazing franchises with many opportunities for creative storytelling. Our Creators are welcome to participate in as many franchises or games that interest them.

What if I'm not comfortable with watermarks on my content?

Only content that is produced from an EA Creator Network activation or opportunity requires disclosure. Content our creators produce on their own, outside of the EA Creator Network is completely watermark free. However, Electronic Arts believes in full transparency with our fans about the content that is created inside our partnership program, or directly funded by us. We require disclosure 100% of the time, every time.

Do EA Creator Network members get paid?

Creators are free to monetize their content on whichever platforms they operate within such as YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook. Electronic Arts pays for #Ad content where you see the "Sponsored by EA" disclosure language and watermark. In some cases, where EA Creator Network Members travel to game studios or special events, we will offer small expense stipends only.

What if I post negative feedback on the game, or Electronic Arts?

If a creator posts a negative review or content about the company or one of our games that is honest and constructive – they will have our thanks and full support. We demand that our EA Creator Network members act with honesty with us, with our dev teams, and with the community. Sometimes this can make things uncomfortable! Electronic Arts is committed to being player first and earning the trust of our community. We make mistakes and get things wrong all the time. For our teams to improve and get better, we need our Creators help to keep it real.